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What Is Your Actually Business Purpose ? (Part 2)


Do you know Reflexology, Sauna, Shiatsu? It’s good to refresh your mind and body! … let we see how reflexy could make you get relax! ..your feet are beated, crumpled up,jabed … wow, sound like sadist, just kidding.

The other “sadist way” is sauna…all parts of your body would be sweat, you trapped in a little room and very hot inside there…

Shiatsu? You would hear a “horrible” sound that came from your mucle … craack …craaack …craaaaack

But don’t worry…all of that method will bring you to a deep relaxation…

What I would like to share from that “relaxation method” for you … the essential purpose is not for relaxation!

The essenstial purpose is to fluent your blood streams! … feel relax is just an impact, not a purpose.

Remember the last tutorial ?

Yes, just like business...the purpose in doing business is yielding money! ... just to know this very basic one would make a very big difference!

Focus to “change” everything of your effort become money … that the purpose .. as simple as that.

January 26, 2010 - Posted by | Handling the Competitors (English)

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