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Some of the great salesman have shared their experiences by writing book, so everyone could learn their amazing tips to apply in your own business.

In my very first time career as a salesman about 25 years ago, I really didn’t know how to make money from selling business .. but I knew that job will make a lot of money for me.

I was a very young at that time and saw the real thing … all of my senior earned a lot of sales commission .. but nobody shared “HOW TO MAKE IT” to me …

My seniors in average age were around 30, they bought at least 200m2 house located in a fame real estate, beautiful brand new cars, traveling, and married a beautiful girl for their wife ( not kidding … I was a “little kid” (17 years old) at that time, and think it would be very expensive to marry someone beautiful ) …

I asked them seriously for their success secret in selling .. “Sir, HOW TO MAKE MONEY, tell me please” … but, nobody told me !!, But I didn’t give up !! (to be continued)

February 1, 2010 - Posted by | Handling the Competitors (English)

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